Travel dating idaho falls dating 2 guys

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Travel dating idaho falls

If you’re at all interested in celestial events, you’re shaking your head right now and rolling your eyes at my ignorance.

Because that date has been marked on your calendar, circled in red, and road trip mapped well in advance.

With scenic routes stretching over 25 miles, the Boise River Greenbelt is the perfect place to experience Idaho’s spectacular outdoors.

Whether you want to bike, jog, or view the wildlife, this picturesque path is a must-see.

Skiers and snowboarders eager to hit the slopes need to look no further than Ketchum, a popular resort town loved by Idahoans and travelers alike.

To see information specific to cities and counties in Idaho, go to

For helpful community planning documents, go to Here’s a great list of weather apps to get you started if you aren’t already committed to one.

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YOU CANNOT LOOK AT THE SUN WITHOUT SPECIAL GLASSES. You will go blind, and yes, we are required to tell you that.

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